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Feeding & Nutrition

11 Feed and Nutrition FN

Leading Research: in Feeding & Nutrition

Precision formulation of diets for laying hens can lead to significant cost savings to farmers through improved feed efficiency and better quality eggs. Investment in R&D will enable the development of practical nutritional management strategies which can be applied at a production system level to improve flock feed efficiency and egg quality.

The security of feed grains at economically viable prices is also important to egg business and will be pursued through cross-sector research collaboration. The outcomes of this investment will be to improve egg quality and reduce costs to egg businesses.

Key Resources

Current Research

  • Managing pullets for extended layer life, improved productivity and shell quality

    The aim of this project is to understand how different lighting regimes and diets during rearing, either used singularly or together, can improve flock uniformity, egg production and persistency of production, egg size and egg quality, from 16 to 90+ weeks.

  • Implementation of maximum profit layer diets

    This short project builds on a recently completed project 'The economics of layer diet amino acid levels throughout lay'.

  • Pullet to late layer nutrition

    The outcome of this project will provide insight into how to optimise egg shell quality at peak lay through nutritional management from 18 weeks. Hens of lighter and average weight will be trial-fed on diets of either higher or lower nutritional density to 90 weeks.

Completed Research

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