Recipes and Cooking: Kid Friendly

Packed with nutrients, eggs are a great, healthy meal option for kids. But it’s not always easy to find new and creative ways to prepare eggs that kids will love.

Australian Eggs has collected a variety of kid-friendly recipes with an egg base. From delicious savoury and sweet muffins to healthy, nutrient-packed dinners, you’ll find plenty of new ideas for the whole family.

Our egg pikelet recipes are a great snack for hungry kids halfway through the day. Get the kids involved in the cooking so they’re even more excited about their meal. And of course, they’ll love pancakes as a breakfast treat.

We also have a range of nutritional kid-friendly dinners with egg, including Chicken Noodle Soup or Fried Rice with a Peanut Satay. 

Browse our entire collection of kid-friendly egg recipes, or better yet, have them pick a recipe they want to help you cook, and inspire them to learn some life long cooking skills.

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