Recipes and Cooking: Lunch Recipes

Whether you’re getting in a sneaky brunch or you’re looking for a quick lunch idea to tide you over till dinner, these egg recipes will serve you perfectly. 

These tempting, easy, and nutritional recipes will get you excited about lunchtime. Australian Eggs has a collection of egg lunch ideas to appease everybody, from fussy children to busy workers and from meat lovers to vegetarians. 

Muffins, rolls, and tarts with an egg base are an easy-to-pack lunch meal you can prepare the night before and pack in a lunch box for busy days at work and school. Or create colourful salads with nutrient-rich ingredients for an energy-hit that will get you through to the end of the day. 

Be inspired by these tasty egg recipes ideas for lunch and enjoy a healthier midday meal that is packed with protein.

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