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What We Do

What We Do

  • Healthcare Professionals

    The Health Benefits of EggsEggs are a nutrient rich food, which provide a range of health benefits. The information and resources contained in this section have been developed for Australian healthcare professionals, who are involved in discussions about dietary advice and nutrition, including eggs, with their patients or customers.

  • Sustainable Production

    Australian Eggs invests in research projects to improve the sustainability of the egg industry. Our research, development and extension (RD&E) work program focuses on the needs identified and prioritised by the industry and there are rigorous processes in place to ensure each research project is relevant to egg farmers.

  • Leading Research

    To generate focused research, Australian Eggs works with industry to build a clearer understanding of the needs of farmers, identifies research groups with the skills to address the issues, and develops targeted research project ideas that have clear pathways to on-farm adoption.

  • Health and disease

    Salmonella EnteritidisSince late-2018, the Australian egg industry has responded to a series of incidents involving the bacteria Salmonella Enteritidis (SE). During this time, 13 egg production facilities in NSW and one egg farm in Victoria had detections of SE.

  • Marketing

    Get Cracking Australia! is the new advertising campaign from Australian Eggs. The campaign is an up-tempo call to arms for Australians to embrace the incredible versatility of eggs. The advertisements use fast-paced interchanging shots of people cooking with eggs, interspersed with images, actions and dishes that inspire the viewer.

  • Welcome to All About Eggs!

    We are pleased to introduce our brand new resources page for teachers! Here you can find complete lesson plans, amazing resources and links to videos that will support you in teaching your students about Australia’s Egg Industry. Click on the links below to find your egg-citing recommended resources!

Want to see what an egg farm looks like? Take this interactive 360 degree tour to see how eggs are produced in Australia.

Free range farm with two people