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Egg Stamping

Published Authors J. Roberts and G. Runge Organisation AECL Research Timing Nov 2011 Category Tag Export to PDF
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This booklet outlines the benefits, feasibility and options of egg stamping for Australian egg producers.

Egg stamping — also known as egg marking, egg coding or egg printing — is compulsory in the European Union. In Australia, the only state that currently has compulsory egg stamping is Queensland, although Tasmania has specific traceability requirements and is contemplating introducing compulsory stamping. The national Primary Production and Processing Standard for Eggs and Egg Products was gazetted in May 2011 (Australian Government Department of Health
and Ageing). This Australian standard requires eggs to be stamped. 

Egg stamping enables shell eggs to be traced from the farm to the table. This has advantages for consumers, retailers and also for producers. The main advantage for producers is that, if there is a food safety, or any other quality problem with eggs, the source of the egg can be located quickly.