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Eggs for breakfast: Acute satiety responses and long-term impact on body weight

  • Organisation University of South Australia

Eggs for breakfast: Acute satiety responses and long-term impact on body weight

Eggs eaten for breakfast resulted in a lower energy intake at lunch. Subjective measures of satiety indicated that hunger was less during the morning after the egg breakfast and returned more quickly after the cereal breakfast.

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The aim of the study was to demonstrate the acute satiety effects of a breakfast meal of 2 eggs compared with a cereal breakfast in otherwise healthy overweight Australian adults in a randomized cross-over trial. The primary outcome of the acute study was energy intake at an ad libitum lunch meal 4 hours following a breakfast meal of either eggs with toast or cereal with milk and orange juice. Subjective satiety was measured using VAS before and after the breakfasts.



This was a randomised cross-over study of two breakfasts, either eggs with toast or a cereal breakfast. Both breakfasts had a similar energy content (~1800kJ).



One hundred and eighty-six potential participants expressed an interest in the study. Eighty-eight people returned questionnaires for assessment of eligibility and fifty-three people started the study. Participants attended the UniSA’s CTF in the morning having fasted overnight.   Fifty people completed the study.


Primary outcome: Energy intake at lunch

The energy intake following the egg breakfast was statistically significantly different, 4518kJ compared with the cereal breakfast 5283kJ (p=0.001). BMI and gender were unrelated to these effects.


Secondary outcomes: Satiety Measures

The sensation of hunger was less after the egg breakfast (p=0.028 for diet by time interaction) and returned more quickly after the cereal breakfast. There were no effects of gender or age.

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