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Eggs in tray

Olympic Champion Susie O'Neill and her love of eggs

Olympic Champion Susie O'Neill and her love of eggs

Susie reveals just how many eggs her family eats each week and what an average day looks like.

Susie ONeill crop

What's your favourite way to eat eggs and do you love them?

I love eggs because I feel like they really fill me up especially after I exercise in the morning. I mainly fry my eggs, but if my husband cooks them for me, he poaches them. And if, on the rare occasion my son cooks for the family, he makes delicious omelettes.

How many eggs would you eat in a week?

I'd eat between 5 - 9 eggs a week! I usually have one every morning at work in a bacon and egg roll and on the weekend, I'll eat at least two on one of the days.

How would you describe eggs in one word?


What does an average day look like for you?

I generally exercise for at least an hour a day - this would be cycling, swimming, or the gym. I'm very active around the house with incidental exercise too - I do a lot of cleaning and gardening.

Day to day I eat very simply - meat, eggs, bread, fruit and vegetables is pretty much my diet. I'm lucky that I don't crave sweet things but I do crave chips!

What are your health & fitness goals for the medium & long-term?

My goal is to keep my body as young as possible!  Definitely to slow down the ageing process. I like to keep active for my mental health too.

Do you find eggs are an important part of your whole family's diet? Who eats the most eggs in your family?

Our whole family loves eggs but my son eats the most by far. He makes himself a cooked breakfast, with eggs, most days.


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