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Powered by Eggs

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Powered by Eggs

An egg is raw potential, ready to be cracked open.
Ready to be transformed. Ready to transform you.
13 different vitamins and nutrients*, including 12.7g of proteins,
and hundreds of recipe ideas that can help power you, to a happier, healthier life.

Eggs can help power thousands of different ambitions;
from running marathons to maintaining mental health.
An egg can be eggsactly what you need it to be.
Be humble, like the egg, but be proud of your achievements. 

As you scramble through life, let every meal make a difference.
The only limit with an egg is your imagination and your ambition.

So unlock your full potential,
Live your life POWERED BY eggs.

*in an average serve of two eggs

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Health Benefits

From head to toe, Australian Eggs are embarking on a journey to show you how to live your best life #PoweredByEggs. We'll be drawing from research and expert knowledge to demonstrate how holistic health outcomes are positively impacted by the inclusion of eggs in your diet.

From providing vitamin D for immunity and bone health, to having a post-workout meal that fuels muscle recovery - we want Australians to know that eating eggs is an important part of living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Our Aussie Athletes Who Love Eggs

We chatted to some of Australia's best and up-and-coming athletes about their love of eggs and why they include them in their diets.

Fitness & Muscle Recovery How can eggs support your fitness & muscle recovery?

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, a well balanced diet is just as important as exercising. Protein is one essential macronutrient that your body and cells need to function properly, to help maintain and build muscle mass, help muscles recover faster after exercise and injury, and satisfy appetite and reduce hunger.

Just one serving of 2 eggs contains 12.7 grams of protein, representing 20% of the RDI for men, 27% of the RDI for women and 33% of the RDI for children.

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Download Vitamin D Recipe Book

Unlock exclusive content to better understand the benefits of vitamin D and cook delicious meals high in this essential vitamin.

Want to see what an egg farm looks like? Take this interactive 360 degree tour to see how eggs are produced in Australia.

Free range farm with two people