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Virulence of layer farm or egg associated Salmonella isolates

  • Organisation University of Adelaide

Virulence of layer farm or egg associated Salmonella isolates

Improved understanding of the public health significance of Salmonella serovars and extent of invasiveness and virulence.

2 About RD

This research was conducted to evaluate the virulence of Salmonella serovars commonly isolated from egg layer farms, through a study of the pathogenesis of egg/layer farm-related Salmonella serovars in a well-differentiated human intestinal cell culture model (in vitro) followed by a mouse model (in vivo). The study also investigated the ability ofSalmonella serovars to colonise the chicken oviduct organ cultures developed from Salmonella free laying hens. The Salmonella serovars were classified as high, medium and low invasive serovars. The genome of selected high, medium and low Salmonella serovars was also studied.

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