Sustainability Framework

The Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Framework aims to generate more productive engagement with the Australian community and drive continuous improvement within the industry.

Transparency is the cornerstone of building community trust and acceptance as people want access to accurate information to know how their food is produced or products manufactured.

Community expectations are constantly evolving and this extends beyond mainstream consumer purchasing decisions to much broader questions about how industries conduct themselves.

In response to this dynamic, Australian Eggs asked the CSIRO to design a comprehensive research program over three years. The research is intended to provide the egg industry with a better understanding of community attitudes, and communities with a better understanding of the egg industry.

Timeline of activity

Timeline of Sustainability Framework process

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The roles

The process is being driven by Australian Eggs but the research is conducted independently by the CSIRO. Put simply, the CSIRO does the research and the egg industry decides what to do with it.


The community is the Australian public. The process explores community views on egg industry issues through a statistically representative sample of over 5,000 people as well as an ‘open call’ to participate for anyone that is interested.


Australia’s leading science agency conducts the research by engaging with stakeholders directly, collecting survey data, analysing it and providing it to Australian Eggs in a useable format. While the CSIRO is being paid by Australian Eggs to conduct the research, the CSIRO governance structure protects research integrity and the independence of its science outputs.

Australian Eggs

Australian Eggs is the research and development corporation for the egg industry and it will support the CSIRO by providing information about the industry and making the research outputs publicly available. After the work of the CSIRO is completed, Australian Eggs will engage with industry stakeholders to ensure the Sustainability Framework Report has their input.

Egg Industry

The egg industry includes egg farming businesses and other businesses along the supply chain such as veterinarians, feed companies and representative bodies. Australian Eggs commits to transparent reporting of the CSIRO’s findings so interested parties can understand why and how the egg industry is responding to the research.

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The research

In 2019, the CSIRO research team will seek to build on the findings from the Australian Egg Industry Research Report released by CSIRO in October 2018 to obtain a deeper understanding of community attitudes to the egg industry.

The research will again be conducted using a survey of Australians through a statistically representative sample of over 5,000 people as well as an ‘open call’ to participate for anyone that is interested. The goal is to examine industry issues, both positive and negative, from multiple angles to understand the values driving community attitudes.

In 2019, the CSIRO will extend the research process in two important ways:

  • The survey will refine and repeat key measures from the 2018 survey that have shown to be central to community confidence in the Australian egg Industry, allowing comparisons over time
  • The survey will include new aspects to better understand community attitudes on the priority issues identified in the 2018 research program.

Read more about the 2019 research program.

2018 reports

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 The CSIRO Australian Egg Industry Community Research Report was released on 30 October 2018 and can be downloaded by clicking on the image above. The report describes the key findings from a national survey conducted by the CSIRO. 

The community survey comprised a representative sample of Australians collected through a research panel and an open sample that accessed the survey through the CSIRO and Australian Eggs websites. The appendix to the report contains further detail on the responses from each survey sample.

The role of the CSIRO was to bring the voice of the community into each of these four key areas. Together, they provide an insightful account of how the Australian population views the egg industry and provide pathways for the Australian egg industry to develop deeper levels of trust and acceptance.

In response to the CSIRO research report, Australian Eggs detailed how the egg industry is responding to the research findings in the first Sustainability Framework Report released in February 2019. Online and PDF versions of the Sustainability Framework Report can be accessed by clicking the image above.

Learn more and have your say

Visit the CSIRO’s website to sign-up for updates.

If you have any questions about the Sustainability Framework, please get in touch via or (02) 9409 6999.

Any concerns about the conduct of this project can be raised with the CSIRO’s Manager of Social Responsibility and Ethics via or (07) 3833 5693.

Sustainability Framework