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This report completes the first annual cycle of the Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Framework.

The process was commenced in April 2018 to provide for productive engagement with the Australian community and to guide ongoing industry improvement.

The Sustainability Framework reflects the Australian egg industry’s objective of farming eggs for Australians in a manner that is socially, environmentally and economically responsible.

This is done by ongoing improvement and engagement to ensure high standards of food safety, hen welfare and biosecurity are maintained and evolving community expectations of the industry are met.

The backbone of the Sustainability Framework was the CSIRO community research process conducted between May and October. The CSIRO community survey process was undertaken to inform the egg industry of community attitudes and identify pathways to building greater community trust.

Sustainability is broad and we wanted to ensure the Australian egg industry was directed toward the issues of greatest relevance to the community.

The research process received a strong response and identified priority issues for the industry to pursue.

Through this report, Australian Eggs seeks to further engage the community on those priority issues. By providing information and context, the public will be able to better understand the nature of these issues and the steps being taken to address them.

It is hoped this process will draw both the community and industry towards a common understanding and encourage people to provide input in subsequent cycles of the Sustainability Framework.

Rowan McMonnies, Australian Eggs

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