Sustainability Framework Process

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Sustainability Framework Process

The Sustainability Framework seeks to give meaning to the Australian egg industry’s objective of farming eggs for Australians in a manner that is socially, environmentally and economically responsible.

The Sustainability Framework process involves:

  • Tracking of public views on the impacts and contributions of the egg industry to identify issues of interest to the public
  • Engagement with the public on issues of interest
  • Demonstrating how the egg industry is addressing issues of interest
  • Transparent reporting of industry progress in key areas

The process is driven by independent social science research conducted by the CSIRO. Working with the CSIRO, Australian Eggs developed an annual cycle of activity to ensure that the process was effective and transparent. Full details of these steps are available on Australian Eggs' website and an outline can be seen in the image below.

The CSIRO research program will be undertaken for a period of three years, from 2018 to 2021. The first year of the Sustainability Framework process has been very productive, allowing the egg industry to identify priority issues for the community and chart a course to align with community expectations. In each subsequent year of CSIRO research conducted, there is an opportunity to build on the insights already provided, as well as repeating elements of the research to track industry performance.

September Sustainability Framework Timeline

Industry Committee

Australian Eggs has undertaken the Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Framework as a service to the industry.

As Australian Eggs is not an egg farming business or a representative body for egg farmers, the Sustainability Framework process has been conducted with the involvement and guidance of egg farmers.

The Sustainability Industry Consultative Committee comprises a group of prominent egg farmers with representatives from large and small egg farmers from each state. The ICC receives briefings on the proposed research methodology of the CSIRO and provides input and feedback to Australian Eggs in the preparation of the Sustainability Framework report.

Members of the Sustainability ICC are as follows:

  • Paul Pace, Pace Farm, NSW
  • Greg Quinn, McLean Farms, QLD
  • Anne Andary, Days Eggs, SA
  • Ian Wilson, Bodalla Eggs, WA
  • Phil Szepe, Kinross Farm, VIC
  • Melinda Hashimoto, Egg Farmers of Australia

As the national peak representative body, Egg Farmers of Australia has played a critical role in the Sustainability Framework process, participating in the planning phases, as well as facilitating the process of disseminating the CSIRO research findings to egg farmers and other stakeholders.

This includes building an understanding of the process and engaging egg farmers on the action that needs to be taken at a farm level to build community trust.

Download the report The complete report can be downloaded by following the link below.