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Eggs in tray

Back-to-School Healthy Lunchbox Planner for Parents

Back-to-School Healthy Lunchbox Planner for Parents

Monique Cormack Sweetcorn and Broccoli Slice 2

To balance the lunchbox, include foods from each of the five core food groups (fruit; vegetables, legumes & beans; dairy & alternatives; lean meats, eggs & alternatives; grains & cereals) and add a bottle of water.

Eggs are a nutrient rich inclusion in children’s lunchboxes due to their high quality protein, essential for growing bodies, and their 11 different vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and healthy omega-3s.

This one-week lunchbox plan is created by an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and it includes plenty of tasty and simple ideas that are sure to appeal to the kids!

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Sweetcorn & Broccoli Slice


+ a slice of wholegrain or high fibre bread

+ handful of cherry tomatoes

+ water

Tuna & Pasta Salad*


+ water

Chicken & Avocado Roll*


+ strawberries/mixed berries

+ water

2 x Egg Muffins 3 Ways


+ a bunch of grapes

+ water

Turkey, cream cheese and cranberry wholegrain sandwich*


+ cherry tomatoes & baby cucumber

+ water

Snack Sliced fruit (e.g. orange, mandarin & watermelon)  Fruit salad + 1 tub yoghurt Hard boiled egg + carrot sticks with hummus Wholegrain crackers with cheese + carton of milk Tub of yoghurt + sliced peach/plum 
Notes about this lunchbox plan
  • This plan has been developed by an Accredited Practicing Dietitian at Food & Nutrition Australia.
  • Energy requirements vary depending on children’s age, activity, height and weight.  Those who are very active may need to eat more.  For personalised advice, seek the services of an Accredited Practicing Dietitian.
  • *Lunch Recipes*
    • Sweetcorn & Broccoli Slice - recipe found here
    • Tuna & Pasta Salad - made with tuna, corn, cooked pasta, cherry tomatoes and a tbsp of mayonnaise stirred through (add olives as an optional extra).
    • Chicken and avocado roll - spread a wholegrain or white high fibre roll with mashed avocado. Top with shredded chicken, a slice of cheese, cucumber & lettuce.
    • Egg Muffins 3 ways - recipe found here
    • Turkey, cream cheese and cranberry wholegrain sandwich - made with cream cheese, baby spinach, sliced turkey breast & cranberry sauce

 Healthy Lunchbox Tips

  • As kids head back to school in the summer time, it’s important to take steps to keep the lunchbox cool to reduce the growth of any harmful bacteria. Choose an insulated lunch box, a small freezer pack, or include a wrapped frozen water bottle. 
  • Involve children in planning and preparing their lunch box. To help with their decision making provide a short list of options that consist of healthy choices. Children are more likely to eat something they have helped to select
  • Eggs are a highly nutritious food and provide a range of essential vitamins and minerals for children’s growth and development. Offer children a range of egg options for their lunch box such as mini frittatas, egg rolls, egg salad or omelettes that can be sliced and eaten with fingers. 
  • To avoid soggy sandwiches while still including veggies in the lunchbox, include options such as snacking cucumbers, colourful cherry tomatoes, celery sticks and crunchy snow peas. 
  • Cut up different types of fruit on the weekend and keep it in different containers.  Provide children with a different mix of fruits over the course of the week to help keep their fruit intake varied and interesting, while also being easy to eat and time saving.
  • Water is the best drink for children and should be packed with the school lunch box every day. It can be frozen to help keep foods in the lunch box 


Other Lunchbox Recipe Ideas

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