Recipes and Cooking: Meals for One

Meal preparation is easy with these simple egg recipes for one. Whether you’re whipping something up for breakfast or you just want a quick dinner, these egg recipes can be ready in no time.

For breakfast, try our range of vegetarian omelettes for one or treat yourself with a classic Australian breakfast: eggs on toast. 

Our lunch recipes are great for those on the go, with Microwave Eggs a simple meal that can be whipped up in just five minutes. An Egg and Avocado Flip Over is another nutritional and tasty option that can be cooked in under ten minutes.

As for dinner, why not prepare a meal for two so you have leftovers ready for lunch the next day? Start experimenting with our meals for one and find some easy favourites to tide you over on the busy days.

Want to see what an egg farm looks like? Take this interactive 360 degree tour to see how eggs are produced in Australia.

Free range farm with two people