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Eggs in tray

Ten Questions with Professional Diver Sam Fricker

Ten Questions with Professional Diver Sam Fricker

Making his Olympic debut in 2021, Sam shares why eggs are an important part of his diet.

Sam Fricker crop

1. What's your favourite way to eat eggs and why do you love them?

Eggs are quick and easy and full of great vitamins, minerals and proteins. As a professional athlete, I need to stay fueled for my training every day. My favourite way to eat eggs would definitely be fried eggs, sunny side up!

2. How many eggs would you eat in a week?

At least 14

3. How would you describe eggs in one word?


4. What does an average day look like for you?

5am | Wake Up and drive to training

6 - 8am | Diving Training

8am | Eat brekky (bacon & egg roll) and then either go home or head to Mosman for work

1pm | Second meal of the day!

3 - 6pm | Diving training again

6 - 8 pm | Coaching

8 - 10pm | Drive home from coaching and have dinner with the family about 9pm. I'm fortunate to still live at home so mum makes my dinner ( a really balanced one!).

Throughout the day I'll definitely throw in snacks to help me feel full (often boiled eggs) - anything to help me feel ready to go.

5. What made you get into competitive diving?

I originally started diving because a girl I liked was doing it (classic guy move right?!). As luck would have it, I fell in love with the sport instead! I competed in my first school national when I was 12yrs old and from there it just snowballed to where I am today!

6. Given you’re competing in global competitions, what are your health & fitness goals for 2021?

My health & fitness goals for 2021 are to eat less sugar and much more healthy foods - so I can feel fired up and ready to go each day and get the absolute most out of everything I'm doing - it all starts with nutrition.

7. Do you have any food rituals around competitions? A special breakfast that morning? Or a celebratory dinner?

I always have my bacon and egg roll for breakfast then have a bag of lollies or two afterwards haha.

8. How do eggs support your own health & fitness goals?

As I'm super busy, big meals can be hard to find time to fit in. But eggs are so quick and easy. They support my health & fitness goals because I can get all the nutrition I need quickly, which means I'm not skipping meals because of the lack of time.

9. How do you balance the mental and physical demands of diving? Is it all about finding balance in diet and a healthy lifestyle?

Yes, finding balance in diet and a healthy lifestyle is paramount in staying on top of all the mental and physical demands of diving. When I'm eating healthy I'm feeling great and can rise to the daily challenge and do my best each day.

10. What role do meals play in your day? Are they a time to stop and relax? Do you enjoy cooking them? Or are they just grabbing the fuel you need to stay on the go?

Different meals in my day play different roles. For example breakfast is a time to chill out and talk to my mates but my focus for lunch is just about feeling full because I'm always on the go throughout the day. Dinner is then a time to chill out and talk to the fam!

11. What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone who is training to dive?

Focus on the task at hand, keep taking that next step forward no matter how small it is and always trust the process of training because there will always be ups and down!

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