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Leading Research

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Promotion of competitive exclusion by ‘good’ bacteria against Salmonella

    Promotion of competitive exclusion by ‘good’ bacteria against Salmonella

    To investigate one way of biologically controlling Salmonella, potential control organisms were isolated from the layer farm environment by demonstration of inhibition to a single Salmonella Typhimurium strain. The ability of the isolates to inhibit Salmonella growth using the agar overlay method was assessed, then the ability of the isolates to competitively exclude Salmonella attachment to stainless steel coupons was assessed by the use of pre-formed biofilms.

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    This project was conducted to improve the biocontrol of Salmonella in egg production through the use of ‘good’ bacteria presenting an alternate approach to Salmonella control. Control of undesirable bacteria in food production systems typically involves application of chemical sanitisers or an antimicrobial processing control such as heat or pressure treatment. Bacteria constantly compete for space and nutrients in localised environments. As a result of this competitive pressure, bacteria have developed mechanisms to inhibit other bacterial species and thus give themselves a competitive edge in colonising their environmental niches. This project proposed to isolate naturally occurring non-pathogenic bacteria from the layer farm environment and assess them for the ability to inhibit Salmonella growth via agar overlay assays. The ability of selected candidates to competitively exclude Salmonella was assayed by examining competitive exclusion dynamics on stainless steel via the use of pre-formed biofilms.

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