Recipes and Cooking: Omelette

A delicious and nutritious snack or a great, easy meal for the whole family, omelettes are a go-to option for busy Australians. 

Australian Eggs brings you this collection of savoury and sweet omelette recipes perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you’re in a rush, try whipping up one of our easy recipes for one, such as our Egg Omelette Wrap or our delectable Sweet Cinnamon Omelette with Stuffed Berries. 

Get creative with your omelette fillings for lunch or dinner. Stuff them with healthy ingredients, such as mushrooms, greens, meat, or fish. 

We also have plenty of recipes for vegetarians, including the easy Mushroom Souffle Omelette and our warming and wholesome Sweet Potato Spanish Omelette. 

Check out our range of recipes for one and for the whole family and whip up a feast in no time. Be inspired by our collection of healthy and tasty omelette recipes today.

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