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Leading Research: tagged phosphorus

  • Nutrient mass balance on-farm

    By carefully measuring the inputs and outputs of free-range flocks, researchers will quantify how much nutrient is deposited on the range versus how much is deposited in the shed.

  • Available phosphorus requirement of laying hens

    Two experiments were conducted to determine the available phosphorus (AP) requirement of laying hens and to examine the effect of different dietary AP and calcium (Ca) concentrations on egg production and egg shell quality from the start of lay to 80 weeks of age.

  • Layer Hen Manure Analysis Report

    Poultry layer manure and litter composition data are essential for accurately determining sustainable application rates of manure to crops and pastures.This study collected some 20 samples of manure and litter from five different layer production systems from all major production regions in Australia.

  • Reducing the use of animal by-product meals in layer diets

    Economic constraints and public concerns have compelled the poultry industry to increasingly use a range of cheaper, alternative plant-derived feedstuffs in feed formulations and eliminate the use of animal by-product meals.

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